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10 dog breeds in the movie “Lady and the Tramp”

Without a doubt, among the old Disney classics, “Lady and the Tramp” is certainly one of the most romantic and sweet ever created.

How many of us have watched, with dreamy eyes, the famous spaghetti scene with the musical background of “Bella Notte” played by the old Tony? Well, today, to pay homage to this splendid and ancient classic (1955), we will analyze 10 cute, fluffy, and sweet dog breeds present in the movie!

In reality, I have already had the opportunity to write similar articles dedicated to the world of our lovable four-legged friends and their appearance in Disney World. So, if you want to learn more about this, I recommend reading our article “11 dog breeds in the Movie ‘101 Dalmatians”.

That being said, let’s dive together into the dreamy and romantic world of sweet Lady and Tramp!

1 – Cocker Spaniel

dog breeds Lady and the Tramp - cocker spaniel
Pic. Credits: CC BY-SA 3.0, wikicommons

How many of us, as children, haven’t dreamed of having a little Lady as a four-legged friend, at least once? Well, sweet Lady is a Cocker Spaniel, to be precise, probably an American Cocker Spaniel. There are two types of Cocker Spaniels, the American one and the English one. The American Cocker Spaniel is smaller than the English one, which has longer legs and muzzles and weighs more. The American Cocker Spaniel also has a more rounded head, floppy ears, softer and wavy fur, and its tail is often docked.

Although our Lady in the movie appears to be a “high-society” dog, Cocker Spaniels have their origins as hunting dogs. Originally (and sometimes still today), they were used to flush out and retrieve game. The name, furthermore, seems to derive from their ability to sniff out and flush woodcock, which they have often been used to hunt.

Just like Lady, Cocker Spaniels have a very cheerful, lively, and affectionate character. They always wag their tails and can be very active and exuberant when playing. This is also why they adapt well to families and the presence of other animals.

2 – Mongrel dogs

dog breeds Lady and the Tramp - mongrel
Picture from

Our dear Tramp, as well as Toughy, one of the dogs that appear in the shelter scene, are both mongrel dogs, often called mixed breed dogs, meaning a mix of several breeds. As for Tramp, according to some research and seeing the dog that was used as the protagonist in the recent live-action film, it appears to be a mixed breed dog with Schnauzer. To make it easier, I will talk about both mixed-breed dogs and Schnauzer dogs.

When we talk about mongrel dogs, we refer to dogs obtained from random crosses of various and different breeds. Usually, dogs of recognized breeds, at least in principle, have precise physical and psychological characteristics, so much so that they are sometimes used for specific activities, such as certain breeds of hunting or herding dogs; and this is precisely what differentiates them from mixed breed dogs. In fact, with this type of dog, since we don’t know the cross, we can’t know initially their characteristics, qualities, and physical and psychological abilities. Unfortunately, this has often caused a lot of canine “racism” to the detriment of these splendid specimens. Purebred dogs often have a very high economic value, unlike mixed breed dogs (it’s terrible but it works like that).

Anyway, physically speaking, mixed-breed dogs are very different, and it’s impossible to give a precise physical and psychological description of them, precisely because they vary depending on the crosses they come from. They can be of any size and stature, as well as very different colors and coat types. What differentiates them from other recognized breeds is precisely this enormous variety that makes them very different and unique compared to others. This means that, even in terms of personality, they are very diverse, and their temperament can be very different. What is certain is that this dog, like any other type of dog on the face of the earth, can be affectionate and well-disposed towards humans if humans are equally affectionate towards them.

3 – Schnauzer 

dog breeds Lady and the Tramp - schnauzer
Picture from

As previously mentioned, Tramp appears to be a mixed breed including Schnauzer, specifically the medium-sized Schnauzer. The Schnauzer is a breed of German origin, from southern Germany, and the name derives from the distinctive mustache seen on its muzzle. It can come in three different sizes: miniature, standard, medium, and giant. Originally they were working and guard dogs and were well known and appreciated for their courageous and intelligent character. They are very robust, to the point of often being used as police or Red Cross dogs. They are also very good at hunting rodents (does this sound familiar?) to the point of being called “ratter” dogs.

They have a lively character and a good nature, are very devoted, love to play, even with children, and do not bark much. Overall they are excellent dogs, both for work and as simple family companions.

4 – Scottish Terrier 

dog breeds Lady and the Tramp - scottish terrier
Picture from

The old and bouncy Jock is none other than a Scottish Terrier, also known by the friendly name of Scottie. The Scottish Terrier is part of a large family of terrier dogs of various kinds and, specifically, as the name suggests, originates from Scotland and is considered the oldest terrier breed of the Highlands. They are small, sturdy dogs with snub-nosed faces and a lively, alert, and watchful appearance. The fur is generally wiry and can come in various colors ranging from black to grey, to salt and pepper, to wheaten. They have a strong and brave character, as effectively demonstrated by Jock in the movie, and are very suitable for working in dens.

5 – Bloodhound (Saint Hubert Hound)

Dear old Trusty, a bit hard of hearing and smelling, is a bloodhound, also known as Saint Hubert Hound. In reality, I already talked about this breed in a previous article, as it is also present in the movie “101 Dalmatians” and, in general, is one of the dog breeds with the most appearances in the Disney world. It is a scent hound, with a highly developed sense of smell (it has 4 billion olfactory receptors!) and from which most other hunting dog breeds derive. Its origin can be traced back to pre-Christian times and its name, “Saint Hubert Hound”, derives from the fact that, according to some scholars, it seems that the first to own these dogs were the monks of the Saint Hubert monastery, whose founder was passionate about hunting. Later they were introduced in England by William the Conqueror who called them Bloodhounds to indicate their purity of blood.

However, despite their uses, Saint Hubert Hounds are usually very timid and affectionate, and therefore, for this reason, nowadays they are also excellent companion dogs.

6 – Pekingese

The sensual singer Peg, from the group of dogs at the pound, is a Pekingese. They are truly unique dogs and, above all, one of the oldest dog breeds in the world! They originate from ancient China, from Beijing, where they were considered sacred and were an integral part of the imperial family. They were introduced to the West by the English in the second half of the 19th century. Thanks to their appearance and their abundant fur, they are also known as “lion dogs.” An ancient legend even tells that they are the result of the love between a lion and a monkey and that they were the guardians of the God Buddha. Perhaps for this reason, as already mentioned, they were considered sacred, and people used to bow to them as they passed by. Finally, to give you an idea of how important they were, their theft could be punished with death! They are known for their extremely courageous character, so much so that they do not hesitate to attack even larger dogs (and indeed, if you notice, Peg does not hesitate to protect Lady). It is precisely because of this trait that the emperor himself liked to always carry them with him as a bodyguard.

7 – English Bulldog

English bulldog
Picture from

The stocky, low-voiced dog friend of Peg, Bull, is an English Bulldog, a very ancient bulldog breed that developed in Britain many centuries ago and was used in bull-baiting, that is, fighting with bulls. They are very strong, courageous, and resistant to pain, perhaps also because they were often used in fighting. For this reason, they almost risked disappearing, until breed enthusiasts saved them and used them for nobler purposes. It is a dog with a stubby appearance, a swaying gait, a large head, and a short muzzle. It has loose facial skin and short, fine hair that can be of various colors, both light and speckled or brindle. Normally, they are gentle and reliable dogs and therefore also suitable for family life.

8 – Russian Greyhound

dog breeds Lady and the Tramp - russian Greyhound
Picture from

The wise philosopher Boris is a Russian Greyhound, also known as a ‘borzoi’. It is a sighthound originating from Russia and is used to chase and hunt wolves. It descends from the Arabian Greyhound and the Russian sheepdog and is a dog with a tall, slender, graceful, and fast appearance. It has a long, narrow head, small ears, and long legs. The coat is silky, flat, and slightly curled. In ancient times, it was gifted to the Tsars and only later exported and known throughout Europe. They are dogs with a very calm and tranquil character, although they are widely used in hunting and have a quick temperament.

9 – German Dachshund

dog breeds Lady and the Tramp - german dachshund
Picture from

The cute Dachsie, who tries to dig an escape route from the kennel, is a German Dachshund, a type of hound originally from Germany. These dogs were widely used for hunting badgers, to flush them out of their dens. They have a small but very long body, short legs, a pointed muzzle, and long ears. They have brown or black fur and can come in two different sizes: standard or miniature. They have a very good and playful temperament, although they are also known for being very stubborn and difficult to train.

10 – Chihuahua

dog breeds Lady and the Tramp - chihuahua
Picture from

Last but not least, there’s the lazy chihuahua Pedro. The Chihuahua is recognized as the smallest dog breed and its name derives from the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where it originates from. According to studies, the Chihuahua is believed to have descended from the “techichi,” a small dog breed that lived in the Tula region and was bred and widespread among the Toltec population around the 9th century BC.

These dogs are very small in size but have a very impertinent and vigilant personality. They can almost be considered hyperactive and certainly very brave. They make excellent companion dogs but, thanks to their nature, they can also be great guard dogs.

That said, we have come to the end of our small overview of dog breeds in “Lady and the Tramp.” Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments or by sharing it on our social channels if you liked the article!